Our Courses

Crash Course (ACC)

Do you have a busy life or hectic work schedule? We strongly recommend our one-on-one Crash Courses designed to fit around your agenda. The content of Crash Course can be customized according to your individual demand. For example, if you intend to start some business cooperation with Chinese partners, we can shift the focus from language & culture learning to Chinese business mentality discussing. No demand for Chinese character learning. Flexible Schedule.

Fee: 3600 SEK (VAT-inclusive)

Total sessions: 12 Sessions * 50 min, in English

Location: Mandarin Hus office

(For corporate customers with flexible locations, price per agreement)

Mini Group (AMG)

Have you planned a trip to the ancient and mysterious country? Will you be relocated to China, or are you just fascinated by this ancient culture and language? We would like to introduce our Mini group for you. Focus on daily life topics, such as talking about daily arrangements, ordering food and drinking at restaurants, getting around in a city, booking taxi and accommodation etc. No demand for Chinese character learning. However, the characters can be lectured separately. Fixed Schedule once every week.

Fee: 2680 SEK (VAT-inclusive)

Total sessions: 2-5 persons, 12 Sessions * 50 min, in English

Location: Mandarin Hus office

Kids One on One (KOO)

For younger learners, our unique program tries to apply Montessori Pedagogy. Learning through playing is our approach. The course aims to build up their love, interest and confidence in Chinese language.

For teenagers, we assist them to master the skills and abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition to the lectures, the selection of reading materials and field trips will make the content very attractive.

Fee: 3200 SEK (VAT-inclusive)

Total sessions: 18 Sessions * 50 min,

In Swedish/English/Chinese

Schedule: Flexible Schedule

Location: Mandarin Hus office

(For flexible locations, price per agreement)

Kids Mini Group (KMG)

Our junior group courses have been carefully designed from the ground-up, based on personal learning approach and modern pedagogic methodology. From our profound experience, we fully understand the challenges for the young learners. But at the same time, we are also aware that most of the kids are talented in multi-language learning. This course will help them to set up a solid foundation for their future learning.

Fee: 2160 SEK (VAT-inclusive)

Total sessions: 2-5 persons 18 Sessions * 50 min

In Swedish/English/Chinese

Schedule: Fixed Schedule once every week

Location: Mandarin Hus office

Special Offer-Intensive Course (SIC)

Do you enjoy learning language? Do you need to move to China within two months? Here is the best course for you:

30 sessions, each session 50 minutes for two consecutive weeks, designed for 3 sessions every day, five days per week

4500 sek per person per class (3650 sek per person per class for family, friends and colleagues group)

Topics about survival needs and daily issues, Mandarin Hus office